Catalina Island Diving and Snorkeling


What you can expect

  • Two dives
  • Gorgeous underwater scenery
  • White sandy beach
  • Buffet lunch
  • Beach time

Boarding from private Captain Kidd Marina

We will arrive to a private marina, Captain Kidd Yacht Club, were we can prepare our equipment before board in the catamaran and enjoy the beauty of a private beach and luxury facilities.


First Dive or Snorkel, The Wall

The first dive is THE WALL, were we will find a coral reef at a depth of 6 meters that progresses down to 9 meters. The WALL DIVE has a total depth of 40 meters so it serves both for beginner divers as well as experienced divers. This wall is populated by hard and soft corals typical of the Caribbean, as well as multicolored fish. This dive will take around 40 minutes *.
The snorkelers during this time will be able to enjoy snorkeling and when the divers finish their first dive we will take the snorkelers to the beach.


Second Dive, The Aquarium

The second dive is in the area known as AQUARIUM, it’s a coral reef with multicolored fish typical to the area and has a maximum depth of 12 meters with an approximate duration of 40 minutes.


The Catalina Island Beach

After having done the two dives, we will go to the island arriving around 12.30h where we can enjoy a typical Dominican buffet on the beach with some drinks(rum, beer and soft drinks). After lunch there will be time to enjoy the white sands and turquoise water of the Catalina beach before we will return to the private Marina in La Romana and back to the hotel.

The itinerary of the tour and the services offered may differ from those described on this page due to weather conditions, logistical factors and availability of goods.

This activity is not suitable for pregnant women.

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